With the goal of enhancing access to quality public health service through a process of community mobilization and effective use of participatory communication techniques under NRHM, SEWA has been implementing CHIN for Change Programme in Laikera block of Jharsuguda district since January 2010. The project is being supported by Christian Medical Association of India (CMAI).


  •  To develop participatory communication strategy to advocate for health entitlements of rural communities
  •  To enhance the capacity of the service providers, civil society organizations, media and PRI on communicating and advocating for NRHM commitments
  • To promote community awareness on NRHM   entitlements
  • To form & to promote exchange of forums/round table among various stake holders the experience, innovation, learnings and challenges
  • To document & disseminate Key processes and learning
  • The responsibility holders of the project have undergone capacity building training and training on LFA and Communication strategy as a result of which they plan, implement and review the activities, analyse and appraise the output and outcomes and document the process and the progress/impact.    



Community Awareness meeting on NRHM Entitlements

3529 persons participated 140 meetings conducted  on Safe  & Institutional Delivery,  Immunization, JSY,JE,ANC & PNC, Role of ASHA,AWW,HW and importance of attending VHND

Meetings of Existing Forums

2250 persons attended 90 meetings conducted on GKS formation, role of GKS members & use of untied fund

Baseline survey, Quantitative Study, Inventory study on Existing custom & Tradition

20 villages of Laikera Block, 100  mothers & 6 villages covered in respective action research to assess level of awareness, status of health services, knowledge, attitude & practice of the community on health

District Level Consultation workshop for district & Block  health functionaries

43 persons participated in 2 workshops

Capacity building training for ASHA, AWW, ANM, PRI, CBO & FNGO

One training for each category of stakeholder

Kishori Meetings

78 adolescent girls participated in 15 meetings facilitated on adolescent health

Facilitation of GKS meeting & Preparation of  Health Action Plan

312 persons participated in 26 GKS meetings & Health Action Plans prepared

Acceleration of the activities of  VHND, Immunization

60 villages

Monthly &  Quarterly Meeting

15 monthly meetings &5 quarterly meetings for review of activities