Genesis & Background!


The district of Jharsuguda  is one of the most drought prone and neglected in the entire state and in fact in the entire country in terms of development. More than half of its population belong to two marginalized sections of the society, namely dalit & adivasi. Typical to the problems faced by primitive tribal groups, they are suffering from the evils like acute poverty, impoverishment, mal-nutrition and ill health. Even though several programmes have been implemented by the Govt. and other agencies nothing much has hanged. It is felt that Govt. efforts alone is not sufficient to address the poverty issues. So in order to address the issue in the proper perspective some like-minded people came together to contribute for the overall development process voluntarily. This small effort later was organised in a proper manner and christened as SEWA (Social Education for Women’s Awareness). Later it was registered with proper authorities to make the intervention more effective.


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