1. Land prepn. for SRI paddy cultivation.JPG10.Gotary rearing by Women SHG.jpg12.Training to farmers on Organic farming.JPG13. Preparation of Organic pesticides.JPG14.Village level groups meeting.jpg15.Cluster Forum meeting.JPG16.Wmen SHG training.JPG17. Till collection & marketing by SHG member as Income generation activities by SHG members.JPG18.Training on Organic farming.jpg19.Training to Community leaders on PDS.JPG2.SRI paddy cultivation demonstration.JPG20. Mr. S.K.Dash, Secretary, SEWA facilited the workshop on Microplanning.JPG21.Community level training on Advocacy.jpg22.Training on Research & documentation.jpg23. training on research & documentation.JPG24.Community Awareness meeting.JPG25.Training to cadres on right bases approach.JPG26.Training to adolscents girls.JPG27.Collection of Kendu leaf.JPG28. Sj. Bijaya Mohanty, Chairman, SDA  Address to people.JPG29.Women interacate on K.L workers issue.JPG3. SRI paddy demonstration raddy hervesting.JPG30.G.P. level networking meet.JPG31.Cadres camp.JPG32.Cadres are taking owth for    committement towards the development of their village.JPG33. Women's day observation.JPG34.Block level Farmers Forum meet.jpg35.District Administration representatives visit for settlement of Forest land.JPG36.Consultation on Climate Change at Jharsuguda.JPG37.Block level Training on PDS.JPG38.Regional level consultation on Human trafficking.JPG39.Regional level consultation on human trafficking.JPG4.SRI paddy demonstration raddy for hervesting.JPG40. Construction of  Low cost cold store.JPG41. Participants present their views during workshop.JPG42. Sj.Nabakishor Das, MLA, Jharsuguda address to participants.JPG43. Panaliest Mr. Jitendra Sundar Ray, Sr. Programme Manager, CYSD, Bhubaneswar Facilited the session..JPG44.Block Farmers Forum Intraction with Govt. Officials.JPG5. support for mixed organic farming.JPG6.Organic porbal cultivation.JPG7. CASA Field Officers visit Organic radish cultivation.JPG8.Women SHG meeting collection monthly members saving amount..jpg9.Visiter -CASA-Interaction with W.SHG.jpgSj. Kishor Kumar Mohanty Hon'ble Rajaya Sabha member, Jharsuguda address to the participants.JPG