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SEWA - Social Education for Women's Awareness is Registered non-profit Organisation mainly engaged in Social Education for Woman's Awareness.

The detailed objectives of the Organisation are enshrined in the Memorandum of Association. Some of the major objectives which are close to the heart of the organization are -

  • To take up total literacy program giving priority to woman's sector.
  • To promote health and family welfare program especially for women and children and to assist linking with the existing public health infrastructure.
  • To engage in social service activities, aimed at improving the living conditions health standard and general welfare of the poor sector, particularly women and children, tribal and scheduled caste, small and marginal farmers, and landless agriculture laborers.
  • To promote and undertake development activities to provide relief to the poor, and provide charity to those in need.
  • To promote small saving habit amongst the poor families, specifically amongst the women.
  • To tank up a forestation schemes specifically under private and social forestry schemes.
  • To help small farmers in adoption of new agriculture techniques, and motivate participation of women in this area of productive work.
  • To impart technical knowledge for self-employment of women including empowerment and provide employment opportunity.
  • To collect, exchange and disseminate information on health, education, environment, agriculture, rural development etc. through seminars, workshops, meting and resource activities.


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